He couldn’t describe what on earth he was feeling. But he felt terrified. He’d never been in love with anyone ever before so he wasn’t sure if he could possibly be feeling love. All he knew, was that he felt safe when he was with him, felt happy, felt…home.

‘No. No, Tommy, what you’re feeling isn’t love okay? No way.’ Tommy thought to himself.

He couldn’t believe what was happening. He couldn’t put all these new feelings into words or thoughts. He wasn’t sure if he even felt the same way. ‘He’d never tell a single soul about his—whatever the fuck they were. It was probably nothing anyway so what’s there even to say? Nothing.’ Tommy thought. One thing was sure, he’d never find out if he felt the same. -TommyxGodric

It’s been awhile since we posted.  

But I’m working on a short little drabble. Hope y’all like it.


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I’ll work on a photoset or something within the next week. If you want some Tommy and Godric drop us a message with an AU setting or situation and we’ll write a short drabble :)

- TommyxGodric

Just so everyone knows, 

This blog is just for fun. We’re not like “omg Tomric is our OTP11!!” or anything. We just came up with the idea because Tommy and Godric are some of my favorite True Blood characters and I wanted a fic of them together. So our other mod wrote me some. And she said she saved a URL for a Tommy X Godric and someone asked to see the blog so we made it for real. No need to say this ship doesn’t make sense, send us hate, etc. It’s all for fun. We take True Blood seriously but we like to have a lot of fun with it too.

- Tommyxgodric

Anonymous whispered, "please delete this blog or stop tagging it"

Okay…. how about no. If it bothers you that much, blacklist it. This blog was made for fun and it’s still fun for me so. Right, some anon person tells me to delete my blog, so I will, please. x

Fuck Sam Merlotte. Why did I want to be a fucking Merlotte in the first place? The sudden appearence of a growing light distracted Tommy from his thoughts. What the fuck is that? The light emerged from the darkness, casting over Tommy’s face and piercing his eyes. Readjusting to the light gave view to a beautiful man, dressed in all white like the surroundings. “Don’t be afraid Tommy.”

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I hope that you find all there is that
You want is inside you now

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Tommy needs someone, Godric needs someone to take care of.

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