He couldn’t describe what on earth he was feeling. But he felt terrified. He’d never been in love with anyone ever before so he wasn’t sure if he could possibly be feeling love. All he knew, was that he felt safe when he was with him, felt happy, felt…home.

‘No. No, Tommy, what you’re feeling isn’t love okay? No way.’ Tommy thought to himself.

He couldn’t believe what was happening. He couldn’t put all these new feelings into words or thoughts. He wasn’t sure if he even felt the same way. ‘He’d never tell a single soul about his—whatever the fuck they were. It was probably nothing anyway so what’s there even to say? Nothing.’ Tommy thought. One thing was sure, he’d never find out if he felt the same. -TommyxGodric

Anonymous whispered, "please delete this blog or stop tagging it"

Okay…. how about no. If it bothers you that much, blacklist it. This blog was made for fun and it’s still fun for me so. Right, some anon person tells me to delete my blog, so I will, please. x

The Shifter and the Vampire

Blog dedicated to the crackship that never sailed, Tommy/Godric of the series True Blood.

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